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Tatatrstan Tours

Tatarstan is an incredible region that makes travelers fall in love with it from the first sight. Having an amazing history behind, Tatarstan is definitely going to strike your imagination as this is the place where European and Asian traditions merge.

Kazan– the capital of Tatarstan, officially bears the title of the “Third Capital of Russia” due to its rich cultural and historical heritage. This beautiful city on the left bank of the Volga River has more than a 1000-year history and is an important cultural center and home to many outstanding sights.

We invite you to enjoy the original beauty of the capital of Tatarstan Republic, see the bright colors of its streets and squares, find out where the innumerable treasures of the Kazan khans are stored and where,  without any fire, boiled water. Monuments of history, architecture, culture and religion, from medieval buildings to buildings of the Soviet era and the present day are located in the historical center. One of them is the snow-white Kremli, which reflects the atmosphere of peace and coexistence of cultures and religions in Tatarstan.  It is here, where the magnificent Kul Sharif Mosque and the majestic Annunciation Cathedral are located mere metres away from each other. In 2000, this architectural and historical site was added to the list of World Cultural and Natural Heritage sites of UNESCO.

We invite you to visit The Great Bolgar and get acquainted with the civilization of Volga Bolgars and, of course, enjoy its picturesque ruins and majestic ancient buildings, which attract people from all over the world. Located just 200 kilometers south of Kazan, it’s an official UNESCO World Heritage Site. This place is all that remains of the Golden Horde, the once great and powerful country in Eastern Europe.


The island – town of Sviyazhsk, the first Orthodox city in the Volga Region, is also should be on your list. Surrounded by Russia’s main river — the Volga, it has always attracted historians and travelers. This unique place has hardly changed over the last century- the spirit of the history and life is felt in every monument, street and back alley.

Sviyazhsk was once an ancient fortress, built in medieval times during the reign of Ivan the Terrible as a military base of the Russian army during the siege of Kazan. After the capture of Kazan, Sviyazhsk continues to live and tell us memories of its best and most serious times.



Tatarstan has so much more to offer and if you have already got some interest in this marvelous part of Russia, consider including it in your Russia travel plans. One thing we can guarantee is that this journey won’t disappoint you for sure!

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