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Trans-Siberian tours

With a total length of 9,289 kilometers, running from Moscow all the way to Vladivostok, near the border with China, the Trans-Siberian Railway is the longest in the world.   The legendary railway crosses seven time zones and has become one of the world’s greatest train adventures.

This iconic trip for many years has captured the imagination of travelers, poets, artists, and writers.

Prepare yourself for a magnificently rewarding experience of changing landscapes and cultures, people, and of life on the rails. And embrace the chance to interact with your fellow passengers and learn a little about their culture as you share with them something of your own.


The Trans-Siberian passes through vastly different terrains. And the first thing you will need to do is to decide on the route and your final destination. Keep in mind that your options are endless: Vladivostok, Ulaanbaatar, Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Tibet, even Bangkok or Singapore are all viable overland options.


The Moscow-Vladivostok route is a classic choice; it takes seven days to make its 9,258km journey. This route crosses the vast depths of Siberia, passing the iconic Lake Baikal before rocking up to Vladivostok, Russia’s easternmost city. You will see Red Square, Ural Mountains, Siberia, Lake Baikal and the Far East.

Another interesting option is to take the train to Beijing, either via Mongolia on the Trans-Mongolian line, which cuts across Mongolia, stopping at the capital Ulaanbaatar and traversing the Gobi desert before entering China; or via the Trans-Manchurian line. The twice-weekly train from Beijing to Hanoi will take you into the heart of Indochina. You can also ride the rails to Hong Kong.

There’s something special about watching thousands of kilometers passing by, and observing ever-changing landscapes and views through the window of your train, so no matter what route you take, traveling on the Trans-Siberian railway is one of those rare opportunities you’ll never forget.


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